Jo Fey has lived in the  Natal Midlands, on a beautiful farm, for the last 13 years.
She nurtured a love of plants and nature from a young age and consolidated this in her adult life when she studied for a Herbalism diploma through the Herb association of South Africa (HAOSA) She has been planting and working with herbs since then. The plants are grown at 1500m in rich organic soil, watered with spring water and showered with love! She now uses these organic herbs to create a range of skincare and health products that are exceptional quality and really work!

One of the reasons Jo decided to share herbs and their amazing healing powers is because of an experience she had with one of her children, here is the account in Jo’s words:

“My 5 year old son, Josh, was reversed over by a car and had his ear nearly torn off. We rushed him to hospital where he was stitched up. The next day we removed the bandage and saw that a large piece of skin was infected above the ear! Back to hospital where they cut off the infected skin, exposing raw flesh underneath. They told us he should come back in 6 weeks for a skin graft. That was when I decided to really start applying and experimenting with my herbal knowledge. I made up some traditional beeswax and herb ointment and applied it every night to his wound, in 6 weeks the skin had grown back and there was no need for a skin graft, the doctors were astounded.”